What is fabulous about quinoa (pronounced Keen-wah) is that cooks like a grain but it is actually new world seed!

This seedy fact gives us a clue as to it’s high nutritional value– seeds are much more power- packed than regular old carbohydrate laden grains like wheat.

Quinoa contains:

  • High levels of protein , B vitamins, the amino acid lysine (hard to find in the vegetarian diet) , iron, and potassium (the mineral that is an electrolyte, important for fluid balance and heart health).

How to prep quinoa ~1:1.5 ratio of quinoa to water for 20 mins

  • Rinse first (because of the saponin resin on the outside of the kernals) — this is a bitter coating the seed produces to keep birds from pecking away at it (it does look like birdseed)

Quinoa is wonderful as:

  • A fluffy warm breakfast cereal, (see amaranth breakfast pudding, and substitute quinoa instead 1c : 1.5  c water or milk alternative)
  • A grain side dish instead of rice,
  • In pilafs and salads: see recipe for: quinoa tabouli
  • In loaves,
  • An addition to baked goods: In baking I use it a lot ? as you would use oatmeal, (ie in cookies) but use less because it is more concentrated.
  • it also makes a gorgeous quinoa souffle (photo above)