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Decrease Inflammation by choosing the right food.

Updated: Jun 22

Anti-Inflammatory Diet and Reducing Toxicity

Over the next few weeks, we are going to focus on how to support your organs of elimination. the Emunctories.

Our food choices are daily opportunities to Reduce inflammation, Decrease our toxic burden. and Nourish on all levels.

The cleanse trend is all about Reducing Toxicity: Toxic acids are normal by products of cell breakdown. We assimilate varying amounts of toxic material from:

  • The air we breathe

  • Food we eat

  • Environmental sources.

When these internal and external toxins can be eliminated from the body there is no problem. When this doesn't happen, we become overburdened.

We become Toxic when toxins are being assimilated or created in the body faster than they can be gotten rid of and when one or more of the eliminative systems of the body are under active.

Our body eliminates toxins through the following emunctories:

  • Intestinal Tract

  • Respiratory: Lungs-takes in our most important nutrient: oxygen

  • Kidneys: Filters 500 gallons of blood/day, balance H20 and electrolytes

  • Lymphatics: Collects and gets rid of toxins, we have more lymph fluid than blood

  • Skin:Largest organ of elimination

  • Liver, The Most Important Organ of Elimination:

  • Complex organ-500 known functions

  • All blood from intestines goes through liver

  • Transforms carbs, proteins, fats into energy

  • Makes enzymes that catalyze biochemical reactions in the body

  • Makes bile that helps break down fats and carry toxins away from the liver

  • Breaks down hormones, converts vitamins, minerals to utilizable forms

  • Helps regulate blood sugar

  • Supports immune system (50% of macrophages located here!)

The Liver Detoxifies the body in 2 phases:

  • Phase 1: makes toxins more soluble intermediate state (can be more harmful than the original toxin)

  • Phase 2: through use of certain nutrients, the liver binds toxins from phase 1 then eliminates through bile and urine

  • It is important that phase 2 keeps up with phase 1!!**

Inflammation and Toxins:

Inflammation is one of the results of toxic build-up and/or an over-burdened system where the emunctories (organs of elimination) are unable to keep pace. It is a common but complex process that underlies diseases that range from seasonal allergies, auto-immunity, to obesity to cancer.

How does food and diet factor in to reducing the load of Toxins in your body?

Every day we make food choices that can balance out the pro and anti inflammatory compounds in our body, (homeostasis=health) or we can make choices that tip the scale to the bad end and cause inflammation.

Ways to lighten your toxic load:

  1. Reduce the foods that are known to promote inflammation: avoid pesticides, artificial flavours, colours and chemicals,

  2. Identify food sensitivities

  3. Expand your horizons by incorporating more natural anti-inflammatory whole foods in your diet.


  1. Our food supply is a product of our environment.

  2. There is much that is beyond our immediate control our water, air, environmental pollutants are all elements that we cannot change overnight.

  3. One of the ways that we can lighten the load is we can *reduce the foods that are known to promote inflammation, *avoid pesticides, artificial flavours, colours and chemicals, *identify food sensitivities and *expand our horizons by incorporating more natural anti-inflammatory whole foods in our diet.

To learn more about the anti-inflammatory diet:

  • Use this helpful guide from the Environmental Working Group (WWG) about the dirty dozen most heavily pesticide-laden foods and the clean 15: https://www.ewg.org/foodnews/

OVER THE NEXT few blogs, we are going to focus on how to support the EMUNCTORIES, the organs of elimination to help decrease the levels of inflammation in our body.

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