• Dr. Heidi Lescanec

Decrease Inflammation by Cleansing. Support your Kidneys Lymph and Skin!

When we think about cleansing and decreasing inflammation the two organs that come to mind are the liver and the colon.

Much like plumbing in your house all the organs of elimination are connected, so effective cleansing digs deeper to tend to them all. You might notice a blockage in one location, but the root cause of the problem and the consequences might be found further along the line.

If a drain is not flowing properly (constipation), our first instinct might be “take fiber or a laxative”. However, we also need to consider our water intake because if we aren’t drinking enough the colon doesn’t have the ability to allow the waste to be collected properly and drawn out of the system. Upstream, the kidneys and lymph and skin will also be affected by dehydration, and you will feel sluggish and suffer from congestion and poor circulation. Here are some ways to give attention to these important organs to ensure that they are functioning at their optimum!

The Kidneys

- Filter 500 gallons of blood per day.

- Act as the filtration system of the body and help to eliminate toxins in the form of urine.

- Vital for removing waste, controlling the body's fluid balance, and keeping the right levels of electrolytes at all times.

- Cleaning the Kidneys

o Water! Drink plenty of filtered water *

o Avoid salt, coffee, tea, alcohol, and soda

o Include green drinks and eat foods and juices like beets, apples, lemon and wheatgrass juice to help support the kidneys.

The Lymphatic System

- A network of tissues and organs that transport lymph, a fluid containing infection-fighting white blood cells, throughout the body.

- We have more lymph fluid in our body than blood!

- The lymphatic system is crucial for helping rid the body of toxins, waste, and other unwanted materials.

The Skin

- Considered the largest organ of elimination.

- The primary way it eliminates toxins is through sweat and is especially helpful when other organs are “backed up”.

- Cleansing the Lymph and Skin

o Dry brush the skin in morning before showering or before bed. See my dry brushing guide HERE.

o Cold shower. Alternate the water temp from hot to cold at the end of your shower.

o Massage (Weekly is ideal)

How much water is enough/day?

Take ½ body weight in lbs, and that is what you drink in ounces per day.

For example 128 lbs person x 0.5= 64 ounces water (8 glasses x 8 ounces)

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