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Decrease Inflammation: Summing It All Up For Summer!

Organs of Elimination

The last few weeks I’ve written on the importance of opening up our organs of elimination (lungs and large intestine, kidneys, lymph and Skin, and choosing the right food) to help detoxify from our bodies from the chemical burden we naturally accumulate over time. The goal of this good work is to the decrease inflammation, and improve our metabolism.

Some of this work is happening quite naturally now for our largest organ of elimination (the skin) with sweating as many of us are experiencing some record highs in heat in BC and elsewhere.

Some other ways to get support our system:

1. Rehydration!

We especially need to replace what we are losing when we are sweating OR drinking caffeine or alcoholic beverages on a sunny patio!

On Average, How much water is enough?

The rule of thumb is:

Take ½ body weight in lbs, and that is what you drink in ounces per day.

For example: 128 lbs person x 0.5= 64 ounces water (8 glasses x 8 ounces)

I also recommend adding 1 glass of water for every cup of caffeine or alcoholic beverage.

2. Liver love! (you live + so you must love your liver :)

We especially need to support our liver if our cold beverages are beer or wine or include sugars and artificial colours, flavours or sweeteners (energy drinks, pops all kinds of other fun drinks that are popular now).

Include more liver support foods: sweet beets, pungent crunchy radishes and bitter leafy greens (kale, chard, spinach, brocollini, rapini, lettuce varieties galore) the farmers markets are replete with these greens grown locally (just picked fresh and thus super full of those vibrant detoxing nutrients) and as are the awesome deliveries with Spud and Legends Haul and our BC owned Choices Markets

3. Swim!

In the Vancouver area I live in, we are blessed with so many access points to the Pacific Ocean where the water i is nice and cool and salty soft. We also have many outdoor public pools- Kits Pool being my favourite and a few minute walk for me—thus I have no excuse to not swim the Olympic lengths- except for the fact that you do have to book ahead- tickets go on sale 3 days ahead for these local pools!

4. Essential Oil it up!

I make spritzers to keep at my desk when I work on the computer for hours on end and need some refreshment on the mental front- (frankincense is a favourite for brain help cognitive concentration, lavender for overwhelm/mental overload or anxiety, peppermint for pepping me up when feeling dull or tired, sage for clearing the air and “qi” when I need to transition between intense experiences/discussions) but now also with the heat- there are so many refreshing invigorating blends you can make yourself or buy ready-made. My favourite local business for this is Saje.

5. Get Some Professional Guidance.

If you want to dig deeper and do testing to assess your own individual inflammatory load and develop a strategy to reduce the burden and get some results book an individual consult with me for naturopathic medicine or culinary nutrition or an integrative consult with myself and Dr. Kristy King MD. Book HERE.

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