5 ways over

There is that Gershwin song that goes: summer is here and the living is easy.

I believe this is so very true when it comes to the eating part of living. Given that you likely eat at least 3 times daily– this is a huge acreage of your life-landscape!

  1. We have more choices right now–we have so much more variety and ripe local foods. From your garden or one nearby. For a great list of what is in season in this bioregion/when check out this great chart: from the gang at getlocalbc.
  2. The farmers markets are ON: here is their website and schedule to find one in your hood or a bike ride away:
  3. Our bodies digestive system is primed for the raw food that is all the rage yet is harder to digest in the cooler fall winter, and Vancouver “spring” months.
    • Bring on the salads galore- they are so easy to bring with and adding an assortment of colours and textures means more nutrition! Chopped or shredded veggies across the spectrum means you cover all your bases- getting a broad array of vitamins minerals and anti-oxidants and the visual appeal improves digestive juice secretion (HCL and pancreatic enzymes etc etc.)
  4. Being warmer means you can take a your lunch break outside, AWAY from your desk and your multitasking tempting computer and focus on CHEWING and DIGESTING your food, instead of inhaling it alongside deleting emails ( I know you reading are occasionally guilty of this!!)
  5. The days are longer and we have more vitality for being social and /or making a celebration out of a meal :
    • Grilling on a deck,
    • Taking a picnic to a park,
    • Eating at a bench or picnic table
    • Or enjoying the good life and fine food on a patch of green grass or beachfront.

The way you eat ought to allow you to enjoy life and the pleasures of health and happiness.

This applies to every season, but now you have even more reason to get outside and enjoy the summer solstice with some fine food!

Next week I will tell you more about how your diet choices this summer are a great opportunity to do your part for your health, that of your family, community and the planet.