Heidi Lescanec NDNaturopathic Medicine is a primary healthcare system that aims to treat illness by uncovering the root cause of disease. Drawing upon both traditional and modern approaches to medicine, it utilizes the body’s innate ability to heal itself and return to a state of wellness . 

In my work I am committed to understanding an individual’s unique history and health goals and examining all the determinants of wellness: physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual. In the initial visit, I undertake a complete health intake and any relevant physical exams in order to diagnose the underlying root cause of a problem. I utilize the traditional naturopathic modalities of clinical nutrition, dietary and lifestyle counselling, botanical (herbal) medicine, homeopathy, and acupuncture. I believe that an integration of these therapies as well as guidance on daily choices and self-care options serves most effectively to inform and support patients on the path to optimal health.
As a general practitioner, I treat most chronic and acute conditions, including (but not limited to):

  • Allergies
  • Auto-immune Conditions
  • Digestive Imbalances
  • Food Sensitivities
  • Hormone Imbalances
  • Women’s Health Issues: Menstrual Irregularities, Menopause Transition, Fertility
  • Immune System Support
  • Mental Health Issues
  • Nervous System Imbalance
  • Nutritional Counselling
  • Skin Conditions (such as Acne, Eczema, and Psoriasis)
  • Special Dietary Needs
  • Stress Management
  • Weight Management
  • Thyroid Issues

If you are interested in learning more about Naturopathic Medicine and what it can do for you, please have a look at my Services page or phone 604 738 2205 to make an appointment.
To learn more about me and what I do, please refer to the About Me page.