Nutritional Counselling

Make Better Choices

I offer one-on-one individual nutritional counselling to any of my patients. This is an excellent opportunity to focus on your specific questions and concerns about:

  • A particular dietary plan
  • Creatively coping with food allergies/sensitivities
  • Practical challenges, such as how to: organize; stock the pantry; source the ingredients; prepare, store, and preserve food; plan ahead; and more
  • How to manage obstacles over time constraints
  • How to manage food aversions (particularly for picky eaters!)
  • Treating food cravings (find out what is behind them and how to satisfy them while still eating healthfully)
  • Dealing with ingredients that have you stumped, uninspired, or feeling stuck in less-than-tasty ruts

​During a consultation, we will discuss menu suggestions, recipes, and expansive wholesome ingredients that suit your particular needs, medical condition, goals (such as improved energy or weight management), and lifestyle.

​Nutritional Counselling is particularly helpful for:

  • Those who have been recently diagnosed with food sensitivities/allergies
  • Those working with restricted diets (such as gluten-free, dairy free, anti-inflammatory, vegetarian, and more)
  • Those who are looking to make a dietary change but do not know where to begin

Gastrointestinal / Digestive Health and Testing

I offer comprehensive stool, breath and blood tests to evaluate gastrointestinal function that includes analyses of digestion, absorption, food sensitivity, bacterial balance, yeast and parasites.

​For patients with any gastrointestinal related symptoms or conditions such as indigestion, constipation and diarrhea, chronic bloating,”irritable bowel syndrome” (IBS), SIBO, “leaky gut”, Crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis, this testing can identify the root cause and lead to a specific individual treatment plan which is most expedient and effective.

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