Get Your Greens Soup

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Get a great dose of nutrient dense leafy greens in this simple yet tasty creamy soup made with no dairy or other “cream”. Just like a green drink but in a warm soothing form — even better for digestion and absorption! Excellent for those needing to increase their intake of easy to eat greens for the increased nutrition demands of pre-conception planning, pregnancy and beyond. Many parents have told me this recipe is “Trojan horse soup” — similar to a sneaky smoothie where you can pack so many nutrient dense ingredients into one unassuming serving! The signi cant amount of

Decrease Inflammation for Sustainable Weight Loss

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What are the factors involved in maintaining healthy weight? It is often said that the difference between people that are slim and people that are overweight is that people who are slim tend to eat when they are hungry and stop eating when they are full, Whereas people who struggle with their weight think a great deal about food, eat when they aren’t hungry and are less aware of when they are getting close to being full. I would add that a significant piece to knowing when we are full/satiated and “complete” is aided by having a healthy relationship and

Healthy Skin From The Inside Out

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Our skin is a window that reflects the state of our internal health (digestion, hormone balance, immune system, and inflammation). When our skin is flaring with acne, rashes, rosacea, redness, inflammation, or sores it is often signaling to us that something internal needs attention. As our skin is the body’s largest organ of elimination, sometimes the route of our skin issues may indicate a need for support in detoxification. FIVE AREAS OF INVESTIGATION FOR BETTER SKIN 1) Toxicity: Is an organ of elimination over-burdened or under-functioning? Treat with individualized botanicals and nutritional support 2) Food sensitives: Are food sensitivities present?

Hollyhock Nutritional Yeast Dressing

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The retreat centre on the magical island of Cortes in British Columbia boasts a garden widely known for its bounty that fuels both the creatives in the kitchen and those attending workshops. I had the good fortune to both cook and teach there and have long adored this dressing which is often used to drizzle and elevate the greens grown on site. I have altered the recipe a bit to incorporate avocado oil which I love so much as it has a very similar fatty acid profile to olive oil, but doesn’t have the intense flavour that would overpower the

Testing Hormones for Optimal Reproductive Health & Vitality

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Do you experience PMS or painful, difficult menstrual periods? Painful periods are common, but they’re not normal. If your hormones are in a balanced state and there are no underlying physical issues in the reproductive organs, your period should be free of cramping, bloating, moodiness, acne, etc. If you are experiencing problems like these, it’s likely something is disrupting your reproductive health. While natural medicines can be used to help relieve painful period cramps or reduce PMS, an in-depth assessment and cutting-edge lab test will help get to the root of the issue and produce long lasting change. Lab testing

Castor Oil Belly Treat

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This is a favourite treat for a belly that needs extra love. It's a weekly self-care practice of mine. It is beautifully paired with Deep Belly Breathing to move into parasympathetic (rest and digest) mode. You might want to try add it to your routine or evening for any one of these great reasons: calming the gut/improving digestion, (ie if there is bloating/stomach upset/or even irregular bowel movements) soothing the liver* (say there has been some hmm overindulgence, or to simply to enhance cleansing/detoxification, supporting uterine/ menstrual health (the liver metabolizes our hormones!) enhancing the immune system (yes, seriously- read

Mulligatawny Stew

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This winter dish is just brimming with nourishing anti-inflammatory spices. In the chillier months when agni—the“digestive fire”—can struggle to get lit, these spices provide digestive aid, helping to transform food into fuel. Though British versions feature meat, the original South Indian recipes typically didn’t, so chickpeas are an ideal ingredient, lending both texture and substance to this hearty dish. If your family likes a little heat, add some cayenne to boost circulation and support the immune system! Mulligatawny Stew Recipe. Ingredients: 3-4 Tbsp coconut oil 1 onion, diced 2 large carrots, diced 2 celery stalks, sliced 4 cloves garlic, minced

Coconut Miso Sauce

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A dairy free, vegan sauce that is great for bowls, steamed vegetables/quinoa/rice, or fresh salad rolls! Coconut Miso Sauce Recipe. Ingredients: 1 Cup coconut milk 1/2 Cup almond butter or tahini 1 Tablespoon miso 1 Tablespoon ginger 1 Teaspoon garlic 1/4 Teaspoon turmeric 2 Tablespoon tamari (or 1 tsp tamarind if avoiding soy) 2 Tablespoon lime or lemon juice 1 Teaspoon honey (or 2 dates, chopped) 1/2 Teaspoon sambal oelek (or 1/2 tsp cayenne or chili flakes) Instructions: 1. WHIZ all ingredients in a blender. 2. Serve on steamed vegetables, over quinoa, millet or rice Great for fresh salad rolls,

Cruciferous Power Cauliflower Chickpea Flour Frittata (Vegan & Gluten- Free)

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Cruciferous Power Cauliflower Chickpea Flour Frittata Recipe. A savoury vegan breakfast/ brunch dish or even tapa, this dish is chock full of nutritious cruciferous vegetables—a delightful diversion from the traditional frittata. The flavours are reminiscent of the Spanish tortilla which is made with eggs and potatoes and often served at room temperature as a tapa. Many years ago, consuming these protein rich yellow triangles known as “tortilla” provide me with essential mid-morning fuel on the 30-day walk on the Camino de Santiago pilgrimage hike across Spain. Recently I was inspired to create a vegan version for a friend and I

Hot and Sour Soup

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This is a great “warming the insides”, immune-boosting soup. Hot spices, chilies (cayenne works too) are excellent for the respiratory system. They help relieve the congestion associated with colds and flus. They also encourage the brain to release endorphins. The warming power of spices like black pepper, ginger and cayenne (piperine, gingerols and capsaisin) all boost metabolism and have aphrodisiac effects as well! Hot and Sour Soup Recipe. Ingredients: 8 Cup vegetable stock 2 Teaspoon tamarind paste ((can add another tsp if you like it zesty!)) 4 Tablespoon lemongrass (minced) 4 Cup mixed vegetables chopped ((try 1c squash/carrots, 1c tomatoes,

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