Mindful eating: a how-to guide to feeding ourselves well

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How you eat is as important as what you eat. Feeding yourself well is actually pretty darn easy and will help you to enjoy your food more! Ever stop to wonder what happens in your body when you have a sit-down meal as opposed to dining while multi-tasking or eating on-the-run to soccer practice? Physical effects of eating mindfully: Taking the time to dine resets the nervous system to “Rest and Digest” mode. In physiological terms, the Parasympathetic nervous system governs digestion and only operates in relaxation mode, as opposed to the “Fight or Flight” stress mode of the Sympathetic

REST AND DIGEST | 5 FOOD RULES for Charming your Body into Happiness.

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The Food Mood Connection We are approaching the winter season which is an internal time of year, we aren’t being distracted by long days, blasting sun, so it gives us an opportunity (whether we are fond of this or not!) to look inside. Like many things in life, when we dig a little deeper, we get closer to the source – in medicine, we can get more in the neighbourhood of the underlying root cause. The source of good health-wellness-vitality, or the root cause of imbalance or disease. Just over a week ago, I held some workshops that looked at

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