Fiber: How much is enough?

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Fiber: How much is enough? Nutritional guidelines for North Americans recommend getting 14 grams of fiber for every 1000 calories in the diet. 💥 So we’re talking 25-30 grams of fiber per day for most adults. Here are some foods to help you get there! ✔️1 cup raspberries (8g) ✔️ 1 cup broccoli (5g) ✔️ 2 carrots (3g) ✔️ 1 cup quinoa (5g) ✔️ 1 cup black beans (15g) ✔️ 1 ounce chia seeds (10g) If you want to get into fibery details.... There are two main kinds of dietary fiber — soluble fiber and insoluble fiber  and most plant foods have some

Dry Skin Brushing

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Dry Skin Brushing is a wonderful technique to add to your daily self-care routine. Our skin is our largest organ of elimination therefore, it is important to pay it some much-needed attention. Dry Skin. Brushing helps increase circulation, bringing more blood flow to our skin, hair, and nails. It is good for: overall skin health. helps support the lymphatic system. helps with skin conditions like acne and eczema ( but you don't brush those areas themselves!). How to dry brush: The brush: Find a natural bristle brush or loofah with a long handle. The bristles should be firm enough that

Water. How much is enough to drink per day?

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The staff of life! How much water is enough per day? Here is a simple rule of thumb: Take ½ of your body weight in pounds (lbs), and That amount is what you should drink in ounces (oz) as an example: Ie. if your weight is : 128 lbs x 0.5= 64 ounces water =8 glasses x 8 ounces (1cup) water/day= 2 L *(1 L= 32 ounces=4 cups)

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