Discover a ‘New You’ With Dr. Heidi’s Naturopathic Nutrition Ebooks

Discover a 'New You' With Dr. Heidi's Naturopathic Nutrition Ebooks

I view health through a positive lens, allowing me to provide functional guidance for individuals ready to take charge of their health and design their future. One of the best ways to become healthy or maintain an optimized, balanced state is to work with your body’s natural rhythms and needs, and my “Renew You” ebook series explains how to do it.

Culinary Nutrition—Great Flavors, Big Improvements

Nutritional choices are one of the simplest ways to gain control over the most vital aspects of your health.

You can’t always control what touches your skin or even what you breathe in, but you can control what goes in your stomach, and that might make all the difference. Various types of fuel have different effects, especially when it comes to fuel for human bodies. Food is more than fuel, though. Macronutrients, micronutrients, and how they interact can create strong reactions in your body.

The “Renew You” ebooks offer fresh, experience-based, research-driven advice explained in terms that make sense and feel intuitive. As you might expect, your diet affects every aspect of your health, ranging from inflammation level to cancer risk. Research even shows that some nutritious foods—besides being great for you in general—are particularly suitable for easing specific problems.

Self-care Ebooks for Multiple Issues

The “Renew You” series covers a range of topics: detox cleansing, skincare, hormone balancing, and more. One book, the “Renew You Guide,” combines all of the above into one handy compendium. Each book is useful even as a standalone volume, suggesting fun ways to create your own health path.

The “Detox Cleanse” volume should be the top choice for anyone who might be suffering from toxin-related inflammation. It describes a tasty, health-promoting, anti-inflammatory diet and provides cleansing recipes created from a holistic standpoint so that they’re both healthy and delicious.

The “Glowing Skin” ebook covers helpful habits like skin brushing while offering recipes that provide the nutrients skin needs to stay healthy and elastic. The “Hormone Balance” volume covers common hormonal issues affecting people of all ages and how to moderate them through a hormone-balancing diet.

Naturopathic Medicine Works

My goal is to empower you not only with the best medicine to transform your physical health but also with the knowledge and tools to make positive sustainable changes that truly enhance your life. One of the reasons I love working with clinical nutrition is it is so practical! Every day, at least 3 times a day we make food choices. Every time we take a bite of food a part of the environment becomes a part of us! These daily choices can either support or compromise our system. For strengthening our resilience we want to eat more mindfully and take in anti-inflammatory foods that can lighten our load of toxins and provide us with the nutrients to improve our metabolism and energy.

To sum it up: Our routine practices and food choices are daily opportunities to:

reduce inflammation, decrease our toxic burden, improve metabolism and revitalize our energy.

Introduction On How to Optimize Your Nutrition and Reset Your Energy for Creating Abundant Vitality

Are you longing for feeling vibrant and energized after a long haul of feeling depleted and in fight or flight/stress mode?

Join Dr. Heidi and Helena Bianchi, health architect, nutrition and lifestyle coach for a 6-week interactive workshop where you will learn how to kickstart your body into creating abundant energy and vitality.

We will take you through an overview of how we can nourish the foundational systems of our health: nervous system, hormones, digestion, and detoxification.

This work will optimize the conversion of your food into fuel and help to decrease inflammation.

It will run for 6 weeks, starting Sept 24. 10-11am. If you are interested and want to be in the loop, send me a note to: and I will put on you on the list!

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