Chia Seeds! (Salvia Hispanica)

Chia Seeds

These are the ultimate power food tiny wholefood of the legendary marathon running Tarahumara Indians of copper canyon in Mexico.

Here’s some info to support this lofty status:

  • Highest level of omega 3 (EFA=Essential fatty acids) in the plant kingdom. EFAs are great for brain, heart health, weight management, are anti-inflammatory)
  • 2 TBSP chia seeds have 5 grams of ALA! as a comparison: 4 oz salmon= 2.09 gm, 2 TBSP walnuts= 1.1gm
  • **unlike flax, chia seeds don’t need to be ground to get EFAS**- stable because they are so high in anti-oxidants
  • 20 % high quality protein: 2 grams/ 2 TBSP
  • high fiber: 7gm/2 TBSP packed with antioxidants, extremely nutrient dense: especially high in magnesium, potassium, calcium, iron

How to include these in your diet

Similar to flax (but the texture is different–more like poppy seeds) you can sprinkle these on cooked or cold cereal, yogurt, or make agua fresca ( 6 oz cold water, 1 tsp chia seeds, a squirt of lime or lemon juice and honey or agave to taste).

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